Latitude and Longitude: 
 Decimal Degrees eg: 43.50  -77.50
 D:M:S eg: 43:30:00 -77:30:00
 Use - for Western and Southern

MGRS Grid: 
 Nine Character Minimum, eg: 18TTN8878
Maidenhead Grid: 
 Four Character Minimum, eg: FN13
 Six Characters is typical 
US ZIP code: 
 Five Digits, eg: 14610
 At station location
US Telephone Area Code: 
 Three Digits, eg: 585
 for the station location 
 (not your own telephone number)

ZIP and Area Codes use the coordinates of the approximate middle of the area

Sunspot Number, Power, TX/RX Gain/Loss, Noise, and Month are optionally required for calculations

TX Gain/Loss may consist of antenna gain, matching loss, feedline loss, Waveform Peak/Avg and applies the net power to VOACAP

RX Gain/Loss may consist of antenna gain, matching loss, or feedline loss the net value applies VOACAP's RX antenna gain. VOACAP does not use gain in its noise calculations, only loss.

The time in the VOACAP output is offset, thus the "1.0" represents the time from 0030 to 0130 UT centered at 0100 UT.

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